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FD RECRUITING: _________ Class - Priority
Mercenary - GREEN Apply
Powertech -GREEN Apply
Operative - GREEN Apply
Sniper - GREEN Apply
Assassin - GREEN Apply
Sorcerer - GREEN Apply
Juggernaught - GREEN Apply
Marauder - GREEN Apply
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Welcome to Forsaken Destiny. If you have found your way here you are likely perusing to acquire information on how to properly apply to Forsaken Destiny or you are killing time at work. At the root of Forsaken Destiny most of us come from different MMO such as Rift or WoW.  While many of our players enjoy and are accomplished killing Jedi Scums, at the heart of an applicant we are looking for an individual that can contribute to the guild and our raids through intellectual domain, raiding prowess and a general disposition to work within and for a team. Hey I do time to time enjoy killing Padawans. :)

As one would readily assume, the responsibility of a member to perform at the utmost skill and appreciation of “hardcore” raiding can be highly taxing to individuals. The dedication of your time, patience, commitment and motivation is essential for Forsaken Destiny or any guild to progress and reward its members for the sacrifices made. The grass is always greener. We aren’t looking for members who are jaded at their last guild over a single piece of loot. We are looking for members that feel that Forsaken Destiny would be a good fit and natural progression for themselves and their characters. Some of the people are new and that is ok learning is a great tool and we are always glad to help out in any way we can.

Forsaken Destiny is an adult guild in that the majority of players are adults covering a vast range of ages, professions and real life responsibilities. And thus the commentary within the guild varies from serious debates to completely off-color highly controversial topics. While indulging in our nightly raid or just shooting the proverbial “shit”, an open mind and quick wit will often be your greatest tools. Expect to be criticized, joked about and expect to fire back. We at Forsaken Destiny sometimes like our hardcore humor as much if not more as we like our hardcore raiding.

You probably ask yourself why should I join Forsaken Destiny (FD). Well FD began in Anarchy Online in 2001 as a social guild, with mainly close personal friends. We moved to Eve Online for a number of years, having a large corporation involved in all aspects of the game from PVE, PVP, and group events. Later FD was reformed on World of Warcraft. We formed in early 2002, and grew to one of the larger guilds on our server, with players dedicated to PVP rankings, and produced 5 Grand Marshalls in a very short time. Forsaken Destiny later reformed in RIFT by former wow players, and while a relatively small guild, we took down all the bosses end-game could throw at us, and managed many server firsts. FD has now moved to SWTOR, and is quickly growing with a group of mature, active, and friendly members. We strive to provide a casual, yet goal oriented environment where our members can thrive and grow at their own pace, yet being competitive enough to strive to excel in whatever we set our sights on.
Located on the Fa'athra server, FD welcomes new members, and old friends alike. We offer Vent access and a website to keep our community strong, and hope you will join us.


EV & Karaggas

dmeadows, Mar 25, 12 6:01 PM.
Good job on the bug out nightmare modes FD!

Karagga (HM) Follow-Up

atrich, Mar 17, 12 5:43 AM.
5/5 Karagga's Palace Hard Mode!!!! Awesome job FD!!!

Eternity Vault (HM) Follow-Up

atrich, Mar 10, 12 5:13 AM.
Karagga Nightmare was a nogo, so we did Hardmode EV instead.  4/5 again, awesome job guys!!

Eternity Vault Follow-Up

atrich, Mar 5, 12 12:37 AM.
Ops Group 2 - 4/5 in Eternity Vault!  Awesome job guys!!!

Eternity Vault (HM) Follow-Up

atrich, Mar 4, 12 5:19 AM.
4/5 Hardmode EV!  We freakin rock guys!  Awesome job FD!
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